The NSA’s Most Powerful Internet Attack Tool

June 18, 2014 - News / Technology

“…If the NSA only used QUANTUM to attack wannabee terrorists attempting to read Inspire, hardly anyone would object. But instead the agency expanded it greatly, not only in target scope (including its confirmed use against Belgacom) but also in functionality. Today QUANTUM packs a suite of attack tools, including both DNS injection (upgrading the man-on-the-side to a man-in-the-middle, allowing bogus certificates and similar routines to break SSL) and HTTP injection. That reasonable enough. But it also includes gadgets like a plug-in to inject into MySQL connections, allowing the NSA to quietly mess with the contents of a third-party’s database. (This also surprisingly suggests that unencrypted MySQL on the internet is common enough to attract NSA attention.)…”

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photo by Trevor Paglen

photo by Trevor Paglen