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What one can of Coke does to your body in one hour

” .. while most of us know soda isn’t good for us, we also don’t know exactly what happens to our bodies once we drink it … “

The definitive and final ranking of all 50 states

” .. we thought it was time to use the perfectly American cliche ‘go big or go home’ and rank the states based on everything … “

Bristol Palin lists Half-Million-Dollar Alaska home for sale

” .. the nearly half-acre property features 90 feet of waterfront on Lake Lucille in Wasilla, AK. …”

Paralyzed California toddler denied wheelchair by insurer

” .. Aubrey Allred, 29, of Kingsbury, Calif., told FoxNews.com Friday she wanted to get her son, 2, a wheelchair, but insurance giant Anthem Blue Cross refused because he is too young …”

The secret Tesla Motors master plan

” .. If you travel less than 350 miles per week, you will therefore be ‘energy positive’ with respect to your personal transportation. This is a step beyond conserving or even nullifying your use of energy for transport – you will actually be putting more energy back into the system than you consume in transportation! So, in short, the master plan is … “

Ways to honor Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

” .. King’s dream is well documented, thanks to his 17-minute, Lincoln Memorial speech at the March on Washington nearly 50 years ago …”

Millennials increasingly link money with fulfillment

” .. a generation that grew up with participation trophies and helicopter parents—and unbridled optimism—seems to be waking to the connection between a satisfying life and healthy finances. Nothing in this survey suggests millennials have lost their zeal for meaning … “

Pic Picks: Mesmerizing photographs taken over New York at night

” .. Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Vincent Laforet shot the series in an hour from a helicopter over New York City. Laforet has wanted to do this project for years but it is only now that he has a camera with good-enough exposure … “

Baby Born to Rhino Who Miraculously Survived Poaching Attack

It’s a Calf! Baby Born to Rhino Who Miraculously Survived Poaching Attack

What Teens Think About 11 Of The Biggest Social Networks

” ..We see studies day in and day out from Gallup or Pew on polling that is then interpreted by all the hot tech blogs, but very few articles actually cite real, blood pumping teenage humans. And by the time the studies are published, most likely, the stats are dated – as teenage trends move in and out so quickly. What do they actually think, in their own words, about the various social networks? “