Grandparent Texts

“Grandmas and grandpas all over the world are coming around and embracing technology. Here are 15 reasons they are the best thing to ever happen in the history of texting…”

Solar Power is Getting Hotter

“According to a Redfin report highlighting the top neighborhoods for green homes, the median sale price of homes with green features was $47,600 higher than for homes without green features…”

Senate nears minimum wage vote, defeat likely

“Supporters note that the minimum wage’s buying power has fallen. It reached its peak value in 1968, when it was $1.60 hourly but was worth $10.86 in today’s dollars…”

The Most Quotable Movies of All Time

The Most Quotable Movies of All Time

Disney World Workers are too poor to afford permanent housing

“Many workers at Disney World, the area’s largest employer, only earn Florida’s minimum wage, $8.03 an hour. According to the Associated Press, that low salary puts most apartments in surrounding Osceola County beyond the financial reach of the workers. The county doesn’t operate homeless shelters, leaving 1,216 families with no choice but to shack up in the low-budget motels located throughout the area….”

“Bottled water is the marketing trick of the century”

“…in the U.K. and the U.S., public tap water is of outstanding quality. In July 2012, the Drinking Water Inspectorate published samples from 1.9 million tests in England and Wales, which showed 99.96 percent compliance with legal standards. As the Ecologist illustrated, the figure has been above 99 percent for nearly 20 years…”

VIDEO: The Muppets’ “Skateboarding Dog Gets Served!”

A real dog that can skateboard. “We should go put in on web.”

“Wake Up, Internet — Time to Save Yourself”

“..FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposal would allow Internet service providers like Verizon or Time Warner Cable to charge extra fees to content companies like Google and Netflix for preferential treatment, guaranteeing their content reaches end-users ahead of those that don’t pay…”

VIDEO: Capture video of yourself getting kicked in the head by some jerk on a slow passing train in Peru – you may make $250,000

“Jared Frank, the Regina man who went from hapless tourist to internet sensation over a nine-second YouTube video of a kick to the head, stands to earn a substantial financial windfall from the experience…”

PIC PICKS: 50 Pictures that will make you love Earth

“To celebrate the natural world, we’ve rounded up some of the most beautiful and mesmerizing pictures of our home planet from Reuters…”

Powdered Alcohol, not so fast!

“…On its website, Palcohol says it plans to offer six varieties of powdered alcohol, including vodka, rum and four cocktails — Cosmopolitan, Mojito, Powderita and Lemon Drop. The site says that a package weighs about an ounce and can fit into any pocket. It warns people that the powder should not be snorted…”

VIDEO: Kids Reacting to a Sony Walkman (Portable Cassette Player) Might Make You Feel Old

“The Fine Brothers’ latest video features kids reacting to a Sony Walkman, of the cassette player variety. Children are simply dumbfounded by the device. Most begin by asking, ‘What is this?’ when it is handed to them. With a little assistance, they figure out the Walkman’s purpose and how to operate it. Ultimately, they remain unimpressed…”

Stress makes allergies worse; how to survive allergy season

“…experts say people with seasonal allergies are in for an especially rough ride this spring and summer. The long winter’s excessive snowfall and precipitation followed by warmer temperatures means more moisture in the air. All of this raises mold and pollen counts to epic proportions….”

PIC PICK: More Cowbell (VIDEO) [with a REMIX]

Read about  The SNL Cowbell Sketch with Will Ferrell, who wrote the sketch with playwright Donnell Campbell, as fictional cowbell player Gene Frenkle, guest host Christopher Walken as music producer “The Bruce Dickinson,” Chris Parnell, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan and Horatio Sanz. REMIX

VIDEO: The Matrix runs on Windows XP

“… customer support, this is Richard Jones from Connecticut, please hold…”

VIDEO: What everyone should know on Tax Day

Robert Reich has a special Tax Day message, explaining why the wealthiest 1% pay a much lower tax rate than the rest of us…

The National Security Agency (NSA) is winning its long-running secret war on encryption

“Google, Yahoo and Facebook have pressed for permission to reveal more about the government’s secret requests for cooperation. One small e-mail encryption company, Lavabit, shut down rather than comply with the agency’s demands for what it considered confidential customer information…”

Rich people are mad they are making more income!

“..No group of Americans is less happy about the taxes they pay than the wealthy, The Wall Street Journal reports, glossing over the fact that they are paying more in taxes in large part because they are seeing most of the increase in incomes. This is like being mad that you paid more in sales tax on your Bentley than your doorman paid in taxes for a Ford…”

QUOTE: Guillaume Apollinaire

“Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness…

Solar-Powered Cellphone Charging Stations Invade NYC

“ to the Big Apple this week, and anywhere else for that matter, are free cellphone charging stations in popular public places. The cool part? They’re solar powered and can charge a phone as fast as any wall outlet…”

VIDEO: “Dazzling Time-Lapse Reveals America’s Great Spaces”

LOCATIONS 00:00 – Badlands National Park, South Dakota 00:16 – Yosemite National Park, California 00:26 – Zion National Park, Utah 00:37 – Mount Rainier National Park, Washington 00:44 – Crater Lake National Park, Oregon 01:06 – Monument Valley National Park, Arizona 01:20 – Marysville, Ohio 01:31 – Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming 01:58 – Central…

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Scientists: Gospel of Jesus’ Wife Probably Not Fake

“The Vatican called a papyrus fragment which suggests Jesus was married a ‘clumsy forgery’ when it emerged in 2012, but forensic analysis now appears to have proved its authenticity…”

What is a Roku? An Apple TV, Amazon Fire or Chromecast?

“…if you’re tempted by the notion of telling your current TV provider to take a hike, but you’ve never looked into set-top products like the Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, or Apple TV, then pull up a chair and tune into this primer on Internet video…”

VIDEO: The Colbert Report’s #PraiseFox. Twitter Feed Praising Fox News Is Brilliant

“…To help Fox News through these tough times, especially the fake commenter scandal, Stephen Colbert and The Colbert Report staff writer Rob Dubbin have gallantly come to their aid, via a Twitter feed, Real Human Praise…”

VIDEO: Parrot clicking and whistling along to ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’

“African Grey Parrot clicking and whistling along to ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’.”

FEATURED SITE: Top Documentary Films

“…TDF offers full watchable documentaries in hope to provide a valuable resource to those with an interest in documentary films and to help independent documentary filmmakers and festival coordinators promote their films and events…”

“Selfies Linked to Narcissism, Addiction and Mental Illness, Say Scientists.” The worst selfie ever and warped new app

” ‘Selfies frequently trigger perceptions of self-indulgence or attention-seeking social dependence that raises the damned-if-you-do and damned-if-you-don’t spectre of either narcissism or low self-esteem,’ said Pamela Rutledge in Psychology Today…’ “

VIDEO: Morgan Freeman discusses Lemur cuteness and more…

Morgan Freeman Discusses Lemur Cuteness True Facts About Morgan Freeman

Who is the richest NFL player of all time? Find out…

“…had only owned 12 percent of the company when he sold it, having given out equity to his employees as the company grew. So, in addition to being the richest NFL athlete ever, he’s also a pretty nice dude…”

“The U.S. through presidential first pitches.”

Great write and great pictures…

“Yahoo unveils encryption measures to protect users’ data”

“Response to Snowden revelations aims to make encryption the default for all traffic through Yahoo…”

VIDEO: “Florida Man Arrested After ‘Instant Karma’ Road Rage Video Goes Viral”

” ‘I couldn’t move over because there were trucks in the right lane,’ Florida Driver writes in the video description, ‘and I sure as heck wasn’t going to speed on a rainy day with the roads being as slick as they were.’ The videographer, who says she was driving in Tampa, writes that she never mouthed off at the guy, didn’t brake check him, and — except for holding up her phone — was paying attention to the road…’ “

Money is speech! – High court struck down limits on overall campaign contributions individual donors may make to candidates, political parties and political action committees

“…Congress enacted the limits in the wake of Watergate-era abuses to discourage big contributors from trying to buy votes with their donations and to restore public confidence in the campaign finance system. But in a series of rulings in recent years, the Roberts court has struck down provisions of federal law aimed at limiting the…

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PIC PICK: Springtime Snowmen

A little creepy, but still standing…

27 pranks for April Fool’s Day

“You’ll probably end up deeply unpopular, but you’ll have WON, and that’s what matters…”

QUOTE: Booker T. Washington

Booker Taliaferro Washington was an African-American educator, author, orator, and advisor to presidents of the United States…

VIDEO: Shark Drags Fisherman on a 2-Hour Kayak Ride

“The fisherman is fine, and somehow amid the struggle, he managed to film part of the incident with a GoPro camera…”

Local police, state cops can track residents’ cellphones

“Wisconsin officials mum on use of warrants, data related to Stingray device…”

Walmart sues Visa for $5 billion for “price-fixing schemes” against merchants

“…also accused Visa of issuing its cards with ‘inherently insecure’ magnetic stripe technology, making it easy for thefts and fraud, and yet using its market power to shift the costs of fraud losses to merchants…”

VIDEO: Deaf woman hears own voice for first time

YouTube user sloanchurman explains:  “I was born deaf and 8 weeks ago I received a hearing implant. This is the video of them turning it on and me hearing myself for the first time.”

“Elephant thought rescued by Sir Paul McCartney found beaten in chicken shack”

“India trip in 2012 prompted ex-Beatle, Paul McCartney, to arrange for animal’s freedom that never happened…  McCartney made agreements with Maharashtra State’s forest department and Project Elephant, an Indian government organization, to move Sunder to a sanctuary. But an animal rights group’s investigation in February found Sunder had simply been stuck in a chicken shack,…

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Keep companies from tracking you online — for good!

“…based on reports by the Government Accountability Office, Federal Trade Commission, and the World Privacy Forum, a consumer advocacy group, is that it’s nearly impossible for consumers to control the information that’s been collected about them. The FTC will publish the results of its investigation of nine major data brokers later this year…”

VIDEO: In honor of Tina Fey, SNL’s tribute to female writers

“Mystery writer Agatha Christie… I’ll tell ya who done it:  Nobody!”

Two unreleased Nokia phones revealed ahead of expected April 2nd debut

“My Nokia Blog on Thursday reported that two brand new Nokia phones will debut on April 2nd, the first day of Microsoft’s annual Build developers conference. According to the report, one will be the Lumia 930 and the second will be the much-rumored Lumia 630…”

The family tree of Dogs: Chart and Video

“One artist has created a dog family tree that highlights the diversity of dogs and how breeds are interconnected. From terriers to toys and mountain dogs to sight hounds, it delineates almost every standard pure-breed dog so you can see how one canine is connected to another.” [Much more HERE, pic chart sections expanded]

Featured Site: Movie Drawings by Nick Chilano

4-5 minute doodles of some classic movies

Pics Pick: 10 worst cars of all time revisited took the 10 worst cars from a list that was developed by of the 100 worst cars ever.

Big cell Phone Companies rip you off

(Alternet) “In theory, the Federal Communications Commission is supposed to make sure that wireless carriers, who are leaseholders on the public spectrum, actually serve the public interest. In reality, the agency has been letting the wireless industry screw Americans for more than a decade under the laughable theory that there’s actually real competition in the…

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QUOTE: Erich Fromm

“Just as modern mass production requires the standardization of commodities, so the social process requires…

VIDEO: 2013 Lincoln MKZ and Ford Fusion: Cars that drive themselves with Motoramic TV

“The MKZ (and its Ford cousin, the Fusion) use a new system called Lane Keeper that literally steers the car down the road. A forward-looking camera mounted in the windshield mirror assembly reads lane markings and, if it determines you’re about to drift out of your lane, steers the car back toward the center of…

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FEATURED SITE: “This is why I’m Broke.” The coolest stuff on the internet.

ThisIsWhyImBroke is a free online magazine run by a bunch of geeks who partake in way too much online window shopping. For this reason, our staff has compiled an ever growing list of cool, useful, funny, and unique products. Our philosophy is simple: we only want to display the coolest stuff you can buy on…

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Miley “My parents shut down Disneyland for me, so I’m good for a while” Cyrus shows off her $80,000 Car

  (Yahoo) – “Bet you wish you had Miley Cyrus’ Car” “Not only is the 19-year-old flashing a huge rock on her finger from fiance Liam Hemsworth, as well as influencing everyone all over Hollywood with her daring short hairdo, her latest coup is a sweet new–very expensive–ride…”    [More] Ridiculous, celebrity obsessed country.. yeah, she…

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VIDEO: The future of Star Wars is now in the hands of Disney; George Lucas discusses

Disney Buys LucasFilm, Plans New ‘Star Wars’ Movie For 2015  [more] George Lucas, Kathleen Kennedy Discuss The Future Of ‘Star Wars’ [more]

QUOTE: Henry Ford

“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.”   —Henry Ford

Featured Site: “The Problem with Young People today is…”

The Problem with Young People today is… All About Me: “My name’s Don. I don’t care much for young people and I’m not too sure how I feel about you. Thanks for visiting.” Read:  “41 Problems with Young People” Particularly “they want everything now!” and “they’re functionally illiterate”  

Inside The Military Industrial & Media Empire

(Wiki) Military–industrial complex (Project Censored Investigative Research)  “In 2006 only 118 people comprise the membership on the boards of director of the ten big media giants. These 118 individuals in turn sit on the corporate boards of 288 national and international corporations. Four of the top ten media corporations in the major defense contractors on…

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Rich Kids of Instagram

“The blog on Tumblr features photos set in gilded frames of rich kids and wanna-bes in various states of excess, undress and indulgence..”  [more] Also:  “Rich Kids Of Instagram Tumblr: Being Rich Is Really, Really Hard”  

Apple to unveil mini Ipad

(AP)   “..the “iPad Mini” (the real name is not known), tech bloggers and analysts expect a device with a screen measuring 7.85 inches on the diagonal, making it about half the size of the regular iPad. It would be slightly larger than the 7-inch tablets it’s presumably designed to compete with, including Amazon Kindle Fire…

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Quote: Mark Twain

“A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read.” — Mark Twain  

Cell Phones make you an open book

Supreme court won’t review telecom immunity for surveillance: “The case stemmed from surveillance rules passed by Congress that included protection from legal liability for telecommunications companies that allegedly helped the U.S. spy on Americans without warrants…” Government Surveillance Threatens Your Freedom, Even If You Have Nothing To Hide: “Professor Daniel J. Solove’s deconstruction of the…

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VIDEO: Pig saves baby goat in water

“Goat in the water!” “And there he is, the hero pig”

LRAD sonic weapons to be deployed ‘throughout’ America for crises

“Studies have found that the type of sound waves emitted by the sonic weapon can cause epileptic seizures, long term problems affecting brain tissue, as well as cardiovascular and central nervous system damage in humans….”  [more]

Report: Fox News and WSJ Climate Coverage 93% Wrong

  Science-policy nonprofit Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS): “It is entirely appropriate to disagree with specific actions or policies aimed at addressing climate change while accepting the clearly established findings of climate science,” the authors wrote. “And while it is appropriate to question new science as it emerges, it is misleading to reject or sow…

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Four US Troops Killed in Afghan Inside Attack; 8 Coalition Troops Killed in 3 Days

“Four American service members were killed by an Afghan policeman early today, the third attack on coalition forces in three days, bringing the death toll in the recent violence to eight….Recent months have seen a string of attacks by Afghan forces against their international counterparts….” [more] Oil! -> Afghanistan: A TIMELINE OF OIL AND VIOLENCE…

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If your local Oil Refinery is processing materials from Tar Sands it might make you really, really sick

  “A new report from ForestEthics explores the community health hazards that come along with refineries processing toxic, corrosive bitumen blends (the stuff that comes out of Canada’s tar sands) to make synthetic oil. The main danger is that tar sands refineries emit significantly higher amounts of sulfur dioxide, which is linked to wheezing, chest…

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