Song for you. Listen: Dean Martin – ‘Drinking Song’ (Live)

Listen: Dean Martin – ‘Drinking Song’ (Live)

America’s most iconic drive is not Route 66

” ..Complete with meandering coastline, colossal forest, and some of North America’s most impressive tributaries, the northern half of the 101 is one classic road trip that cannot be overlooked, and not just because of the views …”

Amy Schumer can now say the P-word on her Comedy Central show ‘Inside Amy Schumer’

” ..we started to realize that a lot of the show was addressing women’s issues and gender politics,’ said Powell, who then explained he researched and prepared a formal statement for standards and practices. He compared the experience to writing to a congressman …”

Open internet is in everyone’s interest

“… Conservative voters actually have compelling reasons to break from the Republican party’s rhetoric and should support net neutrality and reclassification of ISPs as public utilities. Here are some of them … “

The Best of Ron Swanson – Swanologues [Video]

From the very funny Parks and Recreation, Ron Swanson: “Swanologues (n.) The scintillating art of a Ron Swanson Monologue and additional trailblazing Swanson moments. Celebrate one of TV’s most iconic mustaches … “

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: SUGAR [Video]

John Oliver:  Sugar. It’s in everything! Is it good for us? Well, the sugar industry thinks so.

Psychedelic mushrooms create hyperconnections in the brain

” .. Many people report intensely spiritual experiences while taking the drug, and some studies even suggest that one transcendent trip can alter people’s personalities on a long-term basis, making those individuals more open to new experiences and more appreciative of art, curiosity and emotion … The research could ultimately also help answer bigger questions…

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Jim Carrey perfectly spoofs Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln ads on SNL – [Video]

Carrey’s SNL segment has gone viral, achieving almost 1.7 million YouTube views in just 24 hours

Smithsonian Aims to Raise $1.5 billion to Improve Museums

” .. Former President George W. Bush and Laura Bush and former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton are honorary co-chairs of the campaign. Additional supporters include Ralph Lauren, George Lucas, actress Eva Longoria, cellist Yo-Yo Ma, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice ……

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Video: Chipmunk picks an Acorn

“The little Chipster had to find the perfect acorn.”

North Dakota well leaking oil, gas

” .. As of late Friday afternoon, the leak remained out of control, regulators said … “

The heart’s natural ability to recover after heart attack

” .. After a heart attack, fibroblasts replace damaged heart muscle with scar tissue. This scarring can harden the walls of the heart and lessen its ability to pump blood throughout the body. Meanwhile, endothelial cells create new blood vessels to improve circulation to the damaged area. However, sometimes these endothelial cells naturally turn into…

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Mannequin with visible rib cage causes concern

” .. Auckland psychotherapist Anna Drijver, who specializes in eating disorders, told The New Zealand Herald it was ‘absurd’ to use such a thin mannequin … “

Song for you. Listen: Stevie Wonder – “Master Blaster (Jammin’)”

Stevie Wonder – Master Blaster (Jammin’)  

Study: Uncertain reward more motivating than sure thing [with Video]

” .. Recently, uncertainty has been getting a bad rap. Hundreds of articles have been printed over the last few years about how uncertainty brings negative effects to the markets and creates a drag on the economy at large. But a new study … “

Featured Site: The Meta Picture

They pick the good ones. “The Meta Picture is the ultimate source for the best pictures on the web. Keep on sending good pictures and we’ll publish them on the site!” [Visit Site:]

Zach Galifianakis speaks truth to Celebrity

” .. Being a celebrity is s**t — it’s dumb, and I’m not interested in it. I like to be an actor, and that’s it. The blurred lines are, I think, manmade. I think celebrity is a manmade thing; it’s not innate in us. We have people telling us, ‘We should pay attention to these…

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Hackers Reportedly Set to Leak 200,000 Stolen Snapchat Images

“.. Earlier this week an anonymous 4chan user claimed to have hacked into Snapsave, an image-saving service that allows users of Snapchat to store pictures received before they self-destruct. By way of proof, the poster provided pictures allegedly from Snapsave … “

How to Boost Your Budget with Meatless Mondays

“With meat becoming increasingly expensive, more and more people are adopting Meatless Mondays as part of their weekly menu plan. By integrating more grains and vegetables into your diet, you’ll start to notice some changes to your pocketbook as well as your waistline …”

Pic Picks: ‘What if…’ Movies reimagined for another time & place

Cool stuff! “The concept: films of a certain era belonging to another era and everything that would follow: who would be the stars, the filmmakers? How would the film be marketed? A lot of liberty and a lot of fun within the world of ‘What If.’ Sorry — digital files of these posters are not…

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Pic Picks: Most Terrifying Childhood Hairstyles

“Fair warning, the following hairstyles were probably cool at the time, but it was a very different time…”

‘Anti-Facebook’ Social Network Ello Gets Viral Surge

“Ello’s policy states that the practice of collecting and selling personal data and mapping your social connections for profit ‘is both creepy and unethical.’ “

[Videos] Woman photoshops fake 5 week vacation to Asia, fooling all

“..In some cases incorporating locations in Amsterdam and dressing them up to look like South-east Asia, Zilla showed herself enjoying local Thai cuisine, snorkelling, travelling in tuk-tuks and visiting Buddhist temples…” Family and Friends react

Things That Could Be Stressing Out Your Bartender

“..Read this, and next time your bartender’s professional demeanor momentarily cracks, you’ll know it doesn’t mean he’s a jerk, or that you’re a jerk. It just means you can deal with all of the problems some of the time, and some of the problems all of the time, but not all of the problems all of the time…”

[Video] This Is The iPhone 6

“..Apple is also introducing a new M8 co-processor to go along with the A8. The new chip will be able to tell when you’re walking, bicycling, whether or not you’re climbing stairs, and more…”

Quote: Robin Williams

“Politics: Poli a Latin word meaning many…

Police Departments are losing Humvees and weapons given to them by the Pentagon

“ least three other police stations have misplaced or been robbed of their government-issued Humvees in the past five years. Weapons turn up missing, too. Yahoo News found that local police departments like Palestine’s have been suspended from the Pentagon 1033 program for misplacing at least 14 M16 assault rifles, 11 M14 assault rifles, 21…

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Mysterious Treasures the World Is Still Looking For

“..Buried treasures aren’t just pirate myths. While there are a few legendary pirate booties still allegedly floating around, troves of valuable items still await claim…”

[Video] Action Movie Kid – Volume 2

Not real, kids. Don’t try this at home.

The Bloody Origin Of Labor Day (and more)

“..anti-trust legislation, shorter workdays and workweeks, and the right to organize was often portrayed as un-American and violently repressed…model legislation has been written by the staffs of national corporate-funded lobbies and introduced in largely cookie-cutter fashion in multiple states across the country…”

[VIDEO] Baby and Dog argue

“..isn’t the first time the baby and dog have gone toe-to-toe…”

Three people in Florida claim to be taken hostage, attacked, while hallucinating on Meth (VIDEO)

“..The female reported that she had been stabbed and the knife broken off in her abdomen. Further investigation revealed that she only had a superficial scratch to her abdomen. Furthermore, all of the injuries received by the individuals were self-inflicted while attempting to fight off the attackers. The investigation revealed that there was never anyone…

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It’s the food industry—not the FDA—that’s pretty much determining what’s safe for Americans to eat

“ the new industry-sponsored database likely to make the concerns of public health advocates go away? Don’t count on it. As CSPI’s Laura MacCleery puts it: ‘Whether these companies’ evaluations are submitted on paper, assembled in a new database, or gift-wrapped with a bow tied around it, it’s no substitute for having independent and rigorous evaluations of suspect additives used in our food…’ ”

VIDEO: Time-Lapse Video from Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park

“..Most night shots were captured at 25-second exposures on Canon EOS 6D’s and Canon 5D mk3’s with a variety of wide, fast lenses.

Keep an eye out at 2:10 (top center) as a meteor seems to burst through the atmosphere and leave a smoke trail in its wake…”

The 5 Most Expensive Music Videos Of All Time

“While the details and stories surrounding these videos and songs could go on for pages, here’s a quick look at the top five most expensive music videos (adjusted for inflation to 2013 dollars) and what made them so unique, so special, and so costly…” [Read More, via The 5 Most Expensive Music Videos Of…

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Google has 8 wild endeavors

“..there are certain projects and ideas of Google that seem to be shady at first glance and don’t really make much of a sense…”

3D Printing Will Revolutionize Our World? [VIDEO]

“..It’s having a transformative effect in medicine. The first houses are now being 3D printed. So are major parts of cars….institutions such as governments and multinationals are investing billions of dollars in the technology that many argue could help power a third industrial revolution…”

The most-stolen new and used cars In America. Did your ride make the list?

“’s actually the familiar family car that gets stolen far more frequently…”

10 Essential Political Albums

“…there are a handful of politically charged albums that stand the test of time despite a changing landscape…”

New giant insect discovered in China

“..’With its wingspan measured as 21 centimetres, the insect won the title of the largest aquatic insect in the world,’ China’s state-run news service has announced…”

Meet Jibo — the World’s First Family Robot

“..As an associate professor of media arts and sciences at MIT, where she directs the Personal Robots Group at the MIT Media Lab, Cynthia has long had a vision to not only bring robots into everyday life, but also to make technology more humanized and bring intelligence and utility with heart into the home…Initially, Jibo will be able to perform these roles…”

Students Raise Money for Janitor So He Can Visit His Family

“..At Anderson County High School, about 30 miles west of Lexington, Kentucky, janitor Ricky Spaulding was called to mop up a spill in the gym…”

Louis CK and the Hare Krishnas use this trick for success

“..he used a clever psychological technique to make them think they didn’t. And it’s the same trick Hare Krishnas have used to raise billions of dollars. It’s a trick you need to be aware of if you want to succeed in life… ..When the Hare Krishnas first started preaching in airports they had nothing going…

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Raju, Elephant Cries After He Is Rescued Following 50 Years Of Abuse (with Video)

“ ‘Raju was in chains 24 hours a day, an act of ­intolerable cruelty. The team were astounded to see tears roll down his face during the rescue,’ Pooja Binepal, a spokesman for Wildlife SOS, said, per the Mirror. ‘It was incredibly emotional. We knew in our hearts he realized he was being freed. Elephants…

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VIDEO: SNL “You can do anything.” You can’t do anything

“A little smug self-absorption might be a time-honored trait of at least some subsets of the under-30 crowd. But over the past few decades the prevailing disposition among college students – today labeled Generation Y or Millennials – has slid into full-blown narcissism, according to a study released this week. The ‘all about me’ shift means much more than lots of traffic at self-revelatory websites such as YouTube and Facebook. It points, says the study’s author, to a generation’s lack of empathy, its inability to form relationships – and worse…”

The slow-spreading news of American independence l The Greatest Scoop Of All Time?

“..And then, almost as an afterthought, comes this: ‘Several Men have within these two Days come over to this island, and to the Ships, and I am informed that the Continental Congress have declared the United Colonies free and independent States.’ And that was it…”

Quote: Brigitte Bardot

“Only idiots…

VIDEO: Six Flags Opens Goliath, a Record-Breaking New Roller Coaster

*Pics below videos* “..The Goliath roller coaster opened this week at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois. The record-breaking coaster is the world’s fastest wooden coaster with the tallest and steepest drop, plunging riders down 180 feet and rocketing through twists and turns at up to 72 miles per hour. It also features a drop…

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Featured Site: Food Babe

About: “..Through reading the investigations and information I post on, you can expect to learn the truth about harmful ingredients in processed foods and how to avoid the stuff the food industry is trying to hide! You will also learn how to make the right purchasing decisions in the grocery store so that you…

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Crowdfunding campaign raises $2.2M to build solar roadways

“Skeptics abound, but solar panels may soon replace pavement in Idaho town – the ‘smart’ solar panels — encased in double-layered, bomb-resistant, bulletproof glass capable of withstanding 250,000 pounds — would, among other things, be able to generate ‘three times the electricity that we currently use in the United States,’ prevent accidents by melting snow and ice (and warning drivers of debris in the road with solar-powered LED lights) and even collect storm water. Oh, and cut greenhouse emissions by as much as 75 percent…”

VIDEO: Technology Loop – Portlandia on IFC

Sign o’ the times. Portlandia is hilarious

The NSA’s Most Powerful Internet Attack Tool

A Close Look at the NSA’s Most Powerful Internet Attack Tool

Iraq Gets International Help from Iran

“..Iran has reportedly dispatched two units of its elite Revolutionary Guards to Iraq to help stem the tide of terrorist gains and defend Baghdad from assault…Obama said the government in Iraq is going to need more help, but expressly stated that ground troops are not an option…”

VIDEO: Orwell Rolls in his Grave (Full 3hr Documentary)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: “Orwell Rolls in His Grave is a 2003 documentary film written and directed by Robert Kane Pappas. Covered topics include the Telecommunications Act of 1996, concentration of media ownership, political corruption, Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the controversy over the US presidential election of 2000 (particularly in Florida with Bush v….

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Author Maya Angelou dies

“Legendary author Maya Angelou dies…A professor, singer and dancer, Angelou’s work spans several professions…”

QUOTE: Katharine Hepburn

“It would be a terrific innovation if…

PIC PICKS: Colorized historical photos make the past seem incredibly real [36 pictures]

“ increasingly popular trend online has been to create and share colorized photos from history. Artists such as Jordan Lloyd, Dana Keller and Sanna Dullaway take intriguing old black-and-white photos and bring them to life with color as if they’d been taken only yesterday. Here are some examples…”

VIDEO: Car Salesman Goes on Foul-Mouthed Rant During Live TV Broadcast of a Commercial in 1969 [Uncensored]

“..hilarious commercial for the Bay Shore Chrysler-Plymouth dealership in the San Francisco Bay Area, pitchman Chick Lambert rants about his ‘bald-headed prick’ boss and drops copious F-bombs as he describes a 1966 Country Squire station wagon…Lambert was reportedly upset that his boss was replacing him with a younger man, so he recorded the profane commercial before quitting…”

7 States Running Out Of Water

“..While large portions of the seven states suffer from severe drought, in some parts of these states drought conditions are even worse. In six of the seven states with the highest levels of drought, more than 30% of each state was in extreme drought as of last week, a more severe level of drought characterized…

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Female ‘A+’ Students End Up Making As Much As Male ‘C’ Students

“…The research, which will be published in the upcoming issue of the Eastern Economic Journal, adds to the growing body of evidence that women earn less than their male counterparts, even when they have similar qualifications. That gap begins as soon as women enter the workforce. Both high-school and college-educated young women earn less than…

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FEATURED SITE: Thought Catalog

From IDEALS – Thought Catalog contributors should strive to make their writing fun, smart, and creative, i.e., entertaining, journalistic, and literary. – The site should be clean and clutter-free. – We believe all thinking is relevant and strive for a value-neutral editorial policy governed by openness. The more worldviews and rhetorical styles on the…

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VIDEO: Pet cat saves boy from dog attack

“..Surveillance video outside a home in Bakersfield, California shows that a young boy was riding his bicycle when a dog came around a parked car and started to attack him. As KERO ABC23 reports, he was saved by an unlikely hero – his pet cat, Tara… there are images of the bite marks at the…

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VIDEO: high school wide receiver recruit throws Hail Mary touchdown — to himself!

Manvel (Texas) High junior wide receiver Gary Haynes told, “I’m really working on my speed right now. Like my straightline speed, like track speed. That’s why I’m running track.”

No Kidding?! Keep up the good work!

VIDEO: A Brief History of Godzilla

Godzilla Looks Amazing This Time Around

“Coming soon: a brain implant to restore memory”

“Declarative memories are recollections of people, events, facts and figures, and no research has ever shown they can be put back once they are lost…”

VIDEO: Famous movie quotes people get wrong

Some famous movie quotes aren’t quite what many think they are. Watch as people get them wrong and see the correct quotes with movie clips. Movies include The Wizard of Oz, The Empire Strikes Back, Field of Dreams, Lord of the Rings, Wall Street, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs & more…

VIDEO: Will Ferrell as Bush & Bush

What is George Bush’s legacy and more? Watch as George Bush interviews George Bush: Thanks, Monte!

VIDEO: Rare footage of 1919 World Series

“..Even for fans familiar with the scandal and the Joe Jackson era, the closest thing most probably have seen to video of him playing ball was in movies such as “Eight Men Out.” This is the real deal, and it’s just one of 85,000 films British Pathé recently uploaded in high def to YouTube…Astonishingly clear…

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VIDEO: The Simpsons Lego episode trailer

“..Lego just recently released the mammoth 2,523 piece set of ‘The Simpsons House,’ making this episode a little bit of a commercial. But much like ‘The Lego Movie,’ this episode is more than just an advertisement for toys…”

Science figured out how to win Rock-Paper-Scissors

“Turns out that all you rock-paper-scissors champions who chalk it up to skill over luck may be on to something. Because according to science, there might actually be a winning strategy to this greatest of metacarpal match-ups…”

A website that Compares All the Different Phone and Carrier Combinations for You

WhistleOut: “We are all about improving the decision making process in challenging product areas. There’s a lot of complexity in a good decision and our comparison engine evaluates each product on a feature by feature level (whilst evaluating prices that you’ll pay for each feature and the overall cost to you as a customer). It’s…

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PIC PICK: Better have her home on time

Shotgun Weddings (& Compromising Positions)

VIDEO: Three Master Fencers Battle Fifty Novices

“ situations like these, simple hypotheses like ‘safety in numbers’ can fail to account for the uniquely human element in crowd psychology. The human herd is an incredible, if sometimes counterintuitive, thing…”

Fast food pulls a fast one: Wage theft rampant

” ‘In 2012, the compensation of fast food CEOs was more than 1,200 times the earnings of the average fast food worker. Proxy disclosures recently released by fast food companies reveal that the ratio remained above 1,000-to-1 in 2013.’ The average fast-food CEO made $23.8 million last year, four times what the average was in 2000, while fast-food workers “are the lowest paid in the economy…”

VIDEO: Everything Wrong With Goonies In 8 Minutes Or Less

“The Goonies is an undeniable 80’s classic, and one of our favorite movies from our youth. Still… it just has an absolute ton of sins, including some of the worst prison security in film history…”