“Elephant thought rescued by Sir Paul McCartney found beaten in chicken shack”

“India trip in 2012 prompted ex-Beatle, Paul McCartney, to arrange for animal’s freedom that never happened…  McCartney made agreements with Maharashtra State’s forest department and Project Elephant, an Indian government organization, to move Sunder to a sanctuary. But an animal rights group’s investigation in February found Sunder had simply been stuck in a chicken shack,…

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Keep companies from tracking you online — for good!

“…based on reports by the Government Accountability Office, Federal Trade Commission, and the World Privacy Forum, a consumer advocacy group, is that it’s nearly impossible for consumers to control the information that’s been collected about them. The FTC will publish the results of its investigation of nine major data brokers later this year…”


VIDEO: In honor of Tina Fey, SNL’s tribute to female writers

“Mystery writer Agatha Christie… I’ll tell ya who done it:  Nobody!”

Two unreleased Nokia phones revealed ahead of expected April 2nd debut

“My Nokia Blog on Thursday reported that two brand new Nokia phones will debut on April 2nd, the first day of Microsoft’s annual Build developers conference. According to the report, one will be the Lumia 930 and the second will be the much-rumored Lumia 630…”

The family tree of Dogs: Chart and Video

“One artist has created a dog family tree that highlights the diversity of dogs and how breeds are interconnected. From terriers to toys and mountain dogs to sight hounds, it delineates almost every standard pure-breed dog so you can see how one canine is connected to another.” [Much more HERE, pic chart sections expanded]

Featured Site: Movie Drawings by Nick Chilano

4-5 minute doodles of some classic movies

Pics Pick: 10 worst cars of all time revisited

TheStreet.com took the 10 worst cars from a list that was developed by Edmunds.com of the 100 worst cars ever.

Big cell Phone Companies rip you off

(Alternet) “In theory, the Federal Communications Commission is supposed to make sure that wireless carriers, who are leaseholders on the public spectrum, actually serve the public interest. In reality, the agency has been letting the wireless industry screw Americans for more than a decade under the laughable theory that there’s actually real competition in the…

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QUOTE: Erich Fromm

“Just as modern mass production requires the standardization of commodities, so the social process requires…

VIDEO: 2013 Lincoln MKZ and Ford Fusion: Cars that drive themselves with Motoramic TV

“The MKZ (and its Ford cousin, the Fusion) use a new system called Lane Keeper that literally steers the car down the road. A forward-looking camera mounted in the windshield mirror assembly reads lane markings and, if it determines you’re about to drift out of your lane, steers the car back toward the center of…

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FEATURED SITE: “This is why I’m Broke.” The coolest stuff on the internet.

ThisIsWhyImBroke is a free online magazine run by a bunch of geeks who partake in way too much online window shopping. For this reason, our staff has compiled an ever growing list of cool, useful, funny, and unique products. Our philosophy is simple: we only want to display the coolest stuff you can buy on…

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