FRONTLINE: The Persuaders [Documentary]

November 14, 2014 - News / Video

” .. In ‘The Persuaders,’ FRONTLINE explores how the cultures of marketing and advertising have come to influence not only what Americans buy, but also how they view themselves and the world around them. The 90-minute documentary draws on a range of experts and observers of the advertising/marketing world, to examine how, in the words of one on-camera commentator, ‘the principal of democracy yields to the practice of demography,’ as highly customized messages are delivered to a smaller segment of the market … Correspondent Rushkoff observes:  ‘We Americans value our freedom of choice—choice in the marketplace of goods, and choice in what has become a marketplace of ideas. When the same persuasion industry is engaged to influence these very different kinds of decision-making, it’s easy for our roles as consumers and our roles as citizens to get blurred. By revealing some of the most effective practices of the persuasion business, we may better understand our choices and perhaps make wiser ones …’ ”

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