Fast food pulls a fast one: Wage theft rampant

May 2, 2014 - News

“..Bad enough that the empty calories of many a fast-food meal have all the nutritional value of a fingernail paring. Even worse, the vast profits this industry pulls in are lining the pockets of its CEOs while many of those who work in the kitchens and behind the counters are struggling to eke out a living and can’t afford a decent meal…

The numbers are stunning. According to Demos, ‘In 2012, the compensation of fast food CEOs was more than 1,200 times the earnings of the average fast food worker. Proxy disclosures recently released by fast food companies reveal that the ratio remained above 1,000-to-1 in 2013.’

The average fast-food CEO made $23.8 million last year, four times what the average was in 2000, while fast-food workers are the lowest paid in the economy…”

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