Video: Chipmunk picks an Acorn

“The little Chipster had to find the perfect acorn.”

[Video] Action Movie Kid – Volume 2

Not real, kids. Don’t try this at home.

[VIDEO] Baby and Dog argue

“..isn’t the first time the baby and dog have gone toe-to-toe…”

Three people in Florida claim to be taken hostage, attacked, while hallucinating on Meth (VIDEO)

“..The female reported that she had been stabbed and the knife broken off in her abdomen. Further investigation revealed that she only had a superficial scratch to her abdomen. Furthermore, all of the injuries received by the individuals were self-inflicted while attempting to fight off the attackers. The investigation revealed that there was never anyone…

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VIDEO: Time-Lapse Video from Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park

“..Most night shots were captured at 25-second exposures on Canon EOS 6D’s and Canon 5D mk3’s with a variety of wide, fast lenses.

Keep an eye out at 2:10 (top center) as a meteor seems to burst through the atmosphere and leave a smoke trail in its wake…”

3D Printing Will Revolutionize Our World? [VIDEO]

“..It’s having a transformative effect in medicine. The first houses are now being 3D printed. So are major parts of cars….institutions such as governments and multinationals are investing billions of dollars in the technology that many argue could help power a third industrial revolution…”

Students Raise Money for Janitor So He Can Visit His Family

“..At Anderson County High School, about 30 miles west of Lexington, Kentucky, janitor Ricky Spaulding was called to mop up a spill in the gym…”

VIDEO: SNL “You can do anything.” You can’t do anything

“A little smug self-absorption might be a time-honored trait of at least some subsets of the under-30 crowd. But over the past few decades the prevailing disposition among college students – today labeled Generation Y or Millennials – has slid into full-blown narcissism, according to a study released this week. The ‘all about me’ shift means much more than lots of traffic at self-revelatory websites such as YouTube and Facebook. It points, says the study’s author, to a generation’s lack of empathy, its inability to form relationships – and worse…”

VIDEO: Six Flags Opens Goliath, a Record-Breaking New Roller Coaster

*Pics below videos* “..The Goliath roller coaster opened this week at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois. The record-breaking coaster is the world’s fastest wooden coaster with the tallest and steepest drop, plunging riders down 180 feet and rocketing through twists and turns at up to 72 miles per hour. It also features a drop…

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