Space warships

“NASA hacker” found evidence America has space warships

” ..Gary McKinnon believes he found evidence of a secret American space program run by the Navy …”

Christmas lights

[VIDEO] Entire neighborhood Christmas lights show

Christmas lights.  Best Neighborhood Synchronized Christmas Lights Show with Music in Yucaipa, California (Some are saying it is an animation, but cool none the less)

Beijing issues 1st smog Red Alert

” .. Most of the pollution is blamed on coal-fired power plants, along with vehicle emissions and construction and factory work …”

holiday gifts

Holiday Gifts: The greatest must-haves in history

Each year, as gift-giving season rolls around, some random artifact of pop culture surfaces as the year’s must-have toy.

WSJ: YouTube in talks with studios over streaming rights for shows, movies

” ..It is however not clear which TV series or movies the company is pursuing … YouTube is still deciding how much content to license …”

How to break open a Master Lock with just a small hammer

” .. In fact, you don’t even really need a hammer to do this trick, the end of a screwdriver would work too …”

10 most dangerous toys of 2015

Toys with the greatest potential to cause childhood injuries and even death.

Chlamydia outbreak hits abstinence-only Texas high school, making officials rethink sex ed

“We do have an abstinence curriculum, and that evidently ain’t working”

What one can of Coke does to your body in one hour

” .. while most of us know soda isn’t good for us, we also don’t know exactly what happens to our bodies once we drink it … “

The definitive and final ranking of all 50 states

” .. we thought it was time to use the perfectly American cliche ‘go big or go home’ and rank the states based on everything … “

Bristol Palin lists Half-Million-Dollar Alaska home for sale

” .. the nearly half-acre property features 90 feet of waterfront on Lake Lucille in Wasilla, AK. …”