Four future space technologies that will change the world in your lifetime

“..Working alongside NASA, leading universities across the globe, and an array of commercial partners, the company is focused on four futuristic projects that could change the course of history…”

35 deaths linked to scope infections after Olympus told execs not to warn hospitals

Olympus Corp. issued no broad warnings about scope infection risk in America in 2013 or two years afterward despite doing so in Europe. Source: 35 deaths linked to scope infections after Olympus told execs not to warn hospitals

Sun-Powered Airplane Completes Historic Trip Around The World

His plane flew more than 26,700 miles without using fuel…

‘Clone Sisters’ Of Dolly The Sheep Are Alive And Kicking

a study confirms the sheep’s four sister clones are healthy and aging well…

Federal Contractor Spotlight: Lockheed Martin and the F-35 “scandal”

” ‘..It’s been a scandal and the cost overruns have been disgraceful,’ McCain said. ‘And it’s a textbook example of why this Committee has placed such a high priority on reforming the broken defense acquisition system…’ ” –John McCain

Dinosaurs left Europe in a humongosaurus migration, according to research

“..We may never know the reason for the mass exit…”

Hidden prehistoric monument discovered near Stonehenge

“..the monument is thought to have been built around 4,500 years ago…”

What we Googled in 2015: Lamar Odom, Donald Trump, Snapchat

” ..The top trending searches are those that experienced the greatest spike in traffic over a certain period of time this year …”

Space warships

“NASA hacker” found evidence America has space warships

” ..Gary McKinnon believes he found evidence of a secret American space program run by the Navy …”

Beijing issues 1st smog Red Alert

” .. Most of the pollution is blamed on coal-fired power plants, along with vehicle emissions and construction and factory work …”

WSJ: YouTube in talks with studios over streaming rights for shows, movies

” ..It is however not clear which TV series or movies the company is pursuing … YouTube is still deciding how much content to license …”

[Video] Cutting the cable cord, Explained

“In the last few months alone, more than 600,000 subscribers quit their cable and satellite companies, saying they’re content to find another way to catch their favorite shows.
And now, there are more alternatives than ever …”

The secret Tesla Motors master plan

” .. If you travel less than 350 miles per week, you will therefore be ‘energy positive’ with respect to your personal transportation. This is a step beyond conserving or even nullifying your use of energy for transport – you will actually be putting more energy back into the system than you consume in transportation! So, in short, the master plan is … “

Sony walkman gets modern makeover, hefty price tag

” .. unveiled its Walkman NW-ZX2 high-definition music player this week at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

While the device is getting a modern makeover, its no longer the low-cost music player of the past. The new 128 GB Walkman comes with a $1,119.99 price tag … “

SpaceLife jacket connects you with our Martian future

SpaceLife jacket – Designed for the frontiers of the future

VIDEO: NASA Animation follows long, strange trip of asteroid Bennu

” .. The animated feature “Bennu’s Journey” shows what’s known and what remains mysterious about the life of asteroid Bennu and the origin of the solar system … “

Stephen Hawking: Artificial Intelligence could end human race

” .. The eminent British physicist Stephen Hawking warns that the development of intelligent machines could pose a major threat to humanity … The CEO of the spaceflight company SpaceX and the electric car company Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, called artificial intelligence ‘our biggest existential threat … ‘ “

The CIA wants to destroy thousands of internal emails

” .. the plan has sparked criticism from watchdog groups and historians who note the agency’s track record of destroying potentially embarrassing material … “

Open internet is in everyone’s interest

“… Conservative voters actually have compelling reasons to break from the Republican party’s rhetoric and should support net neutrality and reclassification of ISPs as public utilities. Here are some of them … “

The heart’s natural ability to recover after heart attack

” .. After a heart attack, fibroblasts replace damaged heart muscle with scar tissue. This scarring can harden the walls of the heart and lessen its ability to pump blood throughout the body. Meanwhile, endothelial cells create new blood vessels to improve circulation to the damaged area. However, sometimes these endothelial cells naturally turn into…

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Hackers Reportedly Set to Leak 200,000 Stolen Snapchat Images

“.. Earlier this week an anonymous 4chan user claimed to have hacked into Snapsave, an image-saving service that allows users of Snapchat to store pictures received before they self-destruct. By way of proof, the poster provided pictures allegedly from Snapsave … “

‘Anti-Facebook’ Social Network Ello Gets Viral Surge

“Ello’s policy states that the practice of collecting and selling personal data and mapping your social connections for profit ‘is both creepy and unethical.’ “

[Videos] Woman photoshops fake 5 week vacation to Asia, fooling all

“..In some cases incorporating locations in Amsterdam and dressing them up to look like South-east Asia, Zilla showed herself enjoying local Thai cuisine, snorkelling, travelling in tuk-tuks and visiting Buddhist temples…” Family and Friends react

[Video] This Is The iPhone 6

“..Apple is also introducing a new M8 co-processor to go along with the A8. The new chip will be able to tell when you’re walking, bicycling, whether or not you’re climbing stairs, and more…”

[Video] Action Movie Kid – Volume 2

Not real, kids. Don’t try this at home.

Google has 8 wild endeavors

“..there are certain projects and ideas of Google that seem to be shady at first glance and don’t really make much of a sense…”

3D Printing Will Revolutionize Our World? [VIDEO]

“..It’s having a transformative effect in medicine. The first houses are now being 3D printed. So are major parts of cars….institutions such as governments and multinationals are investing billions of dollars in the technology that many argue could help power a third industrial revolution…”

Meet Jibo — the World’s First Family Robot

“..As an associate professor of media arts and sciences at MIT, where she directs the Personal Robots Group at the MIT Media Lab, Cynthia has long had a vision to not only bring robots into everyday life, but also to make technology more humanized and bring intelligence and utility with heart into the home…Initially, Jibo will be able to perform these roles…”

VIDEO: Six Flags Opens Goliath, a Record-Breaking New Roller Coaster

*Pics below videos* “..The Goliath roller coaster opened this week at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois. The record-breaking coaster is the world’s fastest wooden coaster with the tallest and steepest drop, plunging riders down 180 feet and rocketing through twists and turns at up to 72 miles per hour. It also features a drop…

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Crowdfunding campaign raises $2.2M to build solar roadways

“Skeptics abound, but solar panels may soon replace pavement in Idaho town – the ‘smart’ solar panels — encased in double-layered, bomb-resistant, bulletproof glass capable of withstanding 250,000 pounds — would, among other things, be able to generate ‘three times the electricity that we currently use in the United States,’ prevent accidents by melting snow and ice (and warning drivers of debris in the road with solar-powered LED lights) and even collect storm water. Oh, and cut greenhouse emissions by as much as 75 percent…”

VIDEO: Technology Loop – Portlandia on IFC

Sign o’ the times. Portlandia is hilarious

The NSA’s Most Powerful Internet Attack Tool

A Close Look at the NSA’s Most Powerful Internet Attack Tool

A website that Compares All the Different Phone and Carrier Combinations for You

WhistleOut: “We are all about improving the decision making process in challenging product areas. There’s a lot of complexity in a good decision and our comparison engine evaluates each product on a feature by feature level (whilst evaluating prices that you’ll pay for each feature and the overall cost to you as a customer). It’s…

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Grandparent Texts

“Grandmas and grandpas all over the world are coming around and embracing technology. Here are 15 reasons they are the best thing to ever happen in the history of texting…”

“Wake Up, Internet — Time to Save Yourself”

“..FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposal would allow Internet service providers like Verizon or Time Warner Cable to charge extra fees to content companies like Google and Netflix for preferential treatment, guaranteeing their content reaches end-users ahead of those that don’t pay…”

The National Security Agency (NSA) is winning its long-running secret war on encryption

“Google, Yahoo and Facebook have pressed for permission to reveal more about the government’s secret requests for cooperation. One small e-mail encryption company, Lavabit, shut down rather than comply with the agency’s demands for what it considered confidential customer information…”

Solar-Powered Cellphone Charging Stations Invade NYC

“ to the Big Apple this week, and anywhere else for that matter, are free cellphone charging stations in popular public places. The cool part? They’re solar powered and can charge a phone as fast as any wall outlet…”

VIDEO: “Dazzling Time-Lapse Reveals America’s Great Spaces”

LOCATIONS 00:00 – Badlands National Park, South Dakota 00:16 – Yosemite National Park, California 00:26 – Zion National Park, Utah 00:37 – Mount Rainier National Park, Washington 00:44 – Crater Lake National Park, Oregon 01:06 – Monument Valley National Park, Arizona 01:20 – Marysville, Ohio 01:31 – Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming 01:58 – Central…

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Scientists: Gospel of Jesus’ Wife Probably Not Fake

“The Vatican called a papyrus fragment which suggests Jesus was married a ‘clumsy forgery’ when it emerged in 2012, but forensic analysis now appears to have proved its authenticity…”

What is a Roku? An Apple TV, Amazon Fire or Chromecast?

“…if you’re tempted by the notion of telling your current TV provider to take a hike, but you’ve never looked into set-top products like the Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, or Apple TV, then pull up a chair and tune into this primer on Internet video…”

VIDEO: The Colbert Report’s #PraiseFox. Twitter Feed Praising Fox News Is Brilliant

“…To help Fox News through these tough times, especially the fake commenter scandal, Stephen Colbert and The Colbert Report staff writer Rob Dubbin have gallantly come to their aid, via a Twitter feed, Real Human Praise…”

“Selfies Linked to Narcissism, Addiction and Mental Illness, Say Scientists.” The worst selfie ever and warped new app

” ‘Selfies frequently trigger perceptions of self-indulgence or attention-seeking social dependence that raises the damned-if-you-do and damned-if-you-don’t spectre of either narcissism or low self-esteem,’ said Pamela Rutledge in Psychology Today…’ “

“Yahoo unveils encryption measures to protect users’ data”

“Response to Snowden revelations aims to make encryption the default for all traffic through Yahoo…”

Local police, state cops can track residents’ cellphones

“Wisconsin officials mum on use of warrants, data related to Stingray device…”

VIDEO: Deaf woman hears own voice for first time

YouTube user sloanchurman explains:  “I was born deaf and 8 weeks ago I received a hearing implant. This is the video of them turning it on and me hearing myself for the first time.”

Keep companies from tracking you online — for good!

“…based on reports by the Government Accountability Office, Federal Trade Commission, and the World Privacy Forum, a consumer advocacy group, is that it’s nearly impossible for consumers to control the information that’s been collected about them. The FTC will publish the results of its investigation of nine major data brokers later this year…”

Two unreleased Nokia phones revealed ahead of expected April 2nd debut

“My Nokia Blog on Thursday reported that two brand new Nokia phones will debut on April 2nd, the first day of Microsoft’s annual Build developers conference. According to the report, one will be the Lumia 930 and the second will be the much-rumored Lumia 630…”

The family tree of Dogs: Chart and Video

“One artist has created a dog family tree that highlights the diversity of dogs and how breeds are interconnected. From terriers to toys and mountain dogs to sight hounds, it delineates almost every standard pure-breed dog so you can see how one canine is connected to another.” [Much more HERE, pic chart sections expanded]

VIDEO: 2013 Lincoln MKZ and Ford Fusion: Cars that drive themselves with Motoramic TV

“The MKZ (and its Ford cousin, the Fusion) use a new system called Lane Keeper that literally steers the car down the road. A forward-looking camera mounted in the windshield mirror assembly reads lane markings and, if it determines you’re about to drift out of your lane, steers the car back toward the center of…

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Apple to unveil mini Ipad

(AP)   “..the “iPad Mini” (the real name is not known), tech bloggers and analysts expect a device with a screen measuring 7.85 inches on the diagonal, making it about half the size of the regular iPad. It would be slightly larger than the 7-inch tablets it’s presumably designed to compete with, including Amazon Kindle Fire…

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Cell Phones make you an open book

Supreme court won’t review telecom immunity for surveillance: “The case stemmed from surveillance rules passed by Congress that included protection from legal liability for telecommunications companies that allegedly helped the U.S. spy on Americans without warrants…” Government Surveillance Threatens Your Freedom, Even If You Have Nothing To Hide: “Professor Daniel J. Solove’s deconstruction of the…

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Report: Fox News and WSJ Climate Coverage 93% Wrong

  Science-policy nonprofit Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS): “It is entirely appropriate to disagree with specific actions or policies aimed at addressing climate change while accepting the clearly established findings of climate science,” the authors wrote. “And while it is appropriate to question new science as it emerges, it is misleading to reject or sow…

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