The best Dash Cams worthy of a permanent place in your vehicle

Which dash cam should be your newest, invaluable car accessory?

New NASA study finds dramatic acceleration in sea level rise

According to the researchers, the sea level rise is caused by two phenomena — the thermal expansion of water and the melting of glaciers, including glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica…

Stephen Hawking says he knows what happened before the dawn of time

This has long posed a serious problem for physics, he says… But there are ways to figure out what came before…

Why Comparing Smartphone Specs is a Waste of Time

“Despite all the caveats we’ve given you, it’s still worth taking a glance at smartphone specs when you’re buying a new handset or wondering what the latest mobiles on the market have to offer—just make sure you use these specs as a guideline rather than the last word on the quality and performance of the phone.”

Is Google working on an iMessage competitor?

It looks like Google is working on a desktop version of Android Messages.

Four future space technologies that will change the world in your lifetime

“..Working alongside NASA, leading universities across the globe, and an array of commercial partners, the company is focused on four futuristic projects that could change the course of history…”

35 deaths linked to scope infections after Olympus told execs not to warn hospitals

Olympus Corp. issued no broad warnings about scope infection risk in America in 2013 or two years afterward despite doing so in Europe. Source: 35 deaths linked to scope infections after Olympus told execs not to warn hospitals

Sun-Powered Airplane Completes Historic Trip Around The World

His plane flew more than 26,700 miles without using fuel…

‘Clone Sisters’ Of Dolly The Sheep Are Alive And Kicking

a study confirms the sheep’s four sister clones are healthy and aging well…

Federal Contractor Spotlight: Lockheed Martin and the F-35 “scandal”

” ‘..It’s been a scandal and the cost overruns have been disgraceful,’ McCain said. ‘And it’s a textbook example of why this Committee has placed such a high priority on reforming the broken defense acquisition system…’ ” –John McCain

Dinosaurs left Europe in a humongosaurus migration, according to research

“..We may never know the reason for the mass exit…”