Pic Picks: ‘What if…’ Movies reimagined for another time & place

Cool stuff! “The concept: films of a certain era belonging to another era and everything that would follow: who would be the stars, the filmmakers? How would the film be marketed? A lot of liberty and a lot of fun within the world of ‘What If.’ Sorry — digital files of these posters are not…

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VIDEO: Time-Lapse Video from Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park

“..Most night shots were captured at 25-second exposures on Canon EOS 6D’s and Canon 5D mk3’s with a variety of wide, fast lenses.

Keep an eye out at 2:10 (top center) as a meteor seems to burst through the atmosphere and leave a smoke trail in its wake…”

The 5 Most Expensive Music Videos Of All Time

“While the details and stories surrounding these videos and songs could go on for pages, here’s a quick look at the top five most expensive music videos (adjusted for inflation to 2013 dollars) and what made them so unique, so special, and so costly…” [Read More, via Forbes.com: The 5 Most Expensive Music Videos Of…

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10 Essential Political Albums

“…there are a handful of politically charged albums that stand the test of time despite a changing landscape…”